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Monk's Signature Sandwiches

Commissioned in October 2017


Monk's Beloved Trailer

The Origanl Monk's Truck 

Established in 2012


Savanna Jane Lemonade and Decadent Desserts

Our Delicious Addition 

We wanted to create a truly incredible experience with each bite of this meaty goodness known as Monks Roast Beef.  If you have ever tasted one of our thin-sliced, cooked to perfection, roast beef sandwiches, than you already know that you'll never view a roast beef sandwich quite the same way again. But, hey--that's what we do. Across the board, all our sandwiches are like that. We make 'em tasty-- we make 'em big and we want that last bite to be as good as the first. So if you find yourself licking the wrapper--we understand. No shame. Just keep spreading the word.

See You Soon!



Here is just a sampling of the goodness of which we speak

Our Signature Large Roast Beef


Welcome to the family
— "We hope you enjoy every bite of our slow cooked, New England style roast beef sandwiches. We spend countless hours perfecting our craft so that you'll enjoy a truly awesome sandwich. Thank you for making the past five years a huge success!"

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