“Pahk ya cah next to the bright-yellow food truck and learn why roast-beef shops in Boston are second only to Dunkin' Donuts. Drop the wordsandwich (the way an NFL announcer drops the word injury) and just say junior, medium or large beef. You'll get piles of rare-to-medium sliced meat, stacked like a winding mountain road that's able to withstand a deluge of vinegary, sweet barbecue sauce inside a sesame-seed bun. It's punch-Ben Affleck-in-the-face good.” 

-The Pitch

May 2013


"Monk's is the truth!", this is what my friend Adrian replied to my tweet about trying Monk's Roast Beef for the first time. To this day, this is probably the best way that I can describe Monk's. Monk's roast beef is a juicy sliced roast beef sandwich topped with both roast beef sauce and mayo. The sandwich is so good that it should come adorned with a warning label, cautioning customers of the inevitable addiction that will ensue upon consumption. Don't get me wrong, Monk's is not a one trick pony, they also offer pastrami and chicken sandwiches. However, I cannot bring myself to order anything but the roast beef.”

-The Urban Spoon

April 2013


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